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Volunteering with The Full Belly Project has many benefits, including the chance to help others in a direct and meaningful way, to fight hunger and poverty here and around the world, and to grow as a person and learn valuable life lessons and skills in the process. Volunteers of The Full Belly Project recognize that participating in the Project's numerous activities helps them build their existing skills and develop many new ones:

  • Outreach Volunteers improve their public speaking and people management skills by interacting with others and teaching them about the organization's mission.
  • Fundraising Volunteers learn to implement grassroots fundraising techniques, necessary to sustain any organization. Fundraising volunteers learn event planning, and develop organizational, marketing, and internet research skills to perform efficient and effective fundraising campaigns.
  • Design Volunteers learn basic carpentry, metal working, and shop safety skills. Some Full Belly Project volunteers may even participate in the entire design process of a device, acquiring a valuable skill for future endeavors.

If you are interested in volunteering for us, please doing thde following:

  1. Click here to get a copy of our Volunteer Agreement.
  2. Print and sign the Volunteer Agreement and mail it to us at:

    The Full Belly Project
    PO Box 7874
    Wilmington, NC 28406