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Our Staff

Jeffery Rose (Executive Director) is a graduate of the Master of Public Administration program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He has eight years combined experience in organizing and implementing community-based environmental programs in the United States, with two years experience in rural Guinea, West Africa. He has two years experience in writing, budget preparation, and analysis and he served as UNCW's Graduate School Association's Vice President.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Rose's primary efforts included training local villagers of Agro-forestry practices, which included reforestation, soil conservation, fuel-efficient stoves, tree nurseries, and composting. During his time in Guinea, Rose established a network of 43 Agro-forestry extension agents in 20 rural communities, who planted 20,000 trees and trained 300 additional people in these practices. Rose helped to extensively improve the communication and effectiveness the Peace Corps had in the Guinea Natural Resource Management program.

His work in Guinea continued until 2003. He returned to Wilmington seeking his masters and started volunteering with the Coastal Carolina Returned Peace Corps Volunteers group in 2005 and the then brand new organization, The Full Belly Project. Mr. Rose was hired as The Full Belly Project's first full time Executive Director in January, 2007.

Jock Brandis (Director of Research and Development) was born in the Netherlands but moved to Canada as a child. Brandis graduated with a BA in Anthropology in 1968. In his early twenties Brandis joined CUSO, the Canadian version of the Peace Corps and was transferred to West Kingston, Jamaica where he taught elementary school education.

After volunteering in Jamaica, Brandis returned to Canada and began working with Oxfam, in their efforts to help aid the people of Biafra, an African country that at the time was fighting for its own independence from Nigeria. Brandis was on a team of people who would fly food across the military blockades of Biafra to help feed the starving communities.

It was these experiences in Africa that led Brandis to write his first book, The Ship's Cat. After his efforts in Biafara, Brandis returned to Canada, where he began work as a gaffer in the film industry. It was one job in particular that landed Jock Brandis in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he currently resides. Brandis continues to develop new appropriate technologies and coordinates volunteers to develop new appropriate technologies.