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Current Projects

The Full Belly Project has active projects in a number of areas around the world.

Notable are the following:

Haiti: The message below comes from one of our favorite clients, Meds and Food for Kids based in Port au Prince Haiti. Meds and Food needed an inexpensive way to process their peanuts. They had looked into large industrial equipment that would have cost them $10,000 plus shipping. The organization had an opportunity to see one of these industrial sized machines working in another city in Haiti. They found that because the Haitian peanuts are so small the industrial machine was unable to shell most of them. (More)

Malawi: Brian Conners the Assistant Peace Corps Country Director or Malawi, has written us of the amazing impact that The Full Belly Project is having in Malawi. The email below speaks volumes for what sort of change we are making with your support! (More)

Philippines: In 2006, The Full Belly Project collaborated with the MIT graduate student, Illac Diaz to bring the Universal Nut Sheller to the Philippine Islands. According to Mr. Diaz, "Peanuts are a popular source of protein and are widely available in the islands, especially in the Northern provinces where a more moderate temperature and soil conditions have made the areas a source for commercial production of the crop. (More)

Mali: The Full Belly Project collaborated with Mali Bio-carburant, a Jatropha processing business based outsided of Bamako. Mali Bio-carburant is a pioneer in Jatropha processing and uses the Universal Nut Sheller to cleanly remove the outer husk of the Jatropha seed. (More)

Uganda: In the summer of 2007 the Full Belly Project collaborated with Nourish International who raised the inital start-up funds for the establishment of a pilot production facility in Iganga, Uganda. The Full Belly Project and Nourish group succesfully trained 3 local workers to manufacture the Universal Nut Sheller. The sheller was demonstrated throughout Uganda and introduced to a varitey of potential buyers in an effort to jumpstart sales for the local entrepreneur Mr. Henry Masagazi.