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The message below comes from one of our favorite clients, Meds and Food for Kids based in Port au Prince Haiti. Meds and Food needed an inexpensive way to process their peanuts. They had looked into large industrial equipment that would have cost them $10,000 plus shipping. The organization had an opportunity to see one of these industrial sized machines working in another city in Haiti. They found that because the Haitian peanuts are so small the industrial machine was unable to shell most of them.

Having received one of our hand-cranked Universal Nut Shellers, Executive Director, Patricia Wolff requested an electric powered sheller. In November of 2007, The Full Belly Project received $2,000 from a donor, whose name is omitted here for purposes of anonymity, and with these funds we were able to set Meds and Food for kids up with a just that. With two weeks time The Full Belly Project turned our Pedal Powered Agricultural Center into an Electric Powered Agricultural Center that is capable of running all day long.

The Full Belly Project sees this as a momentous step towards providing options for groups like Meds and Food for Kids who deliver an amazing product, a peanut butter based RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food). These RUTFs are needed in most developing countries. They are extremely effective at reversing the malnutrition for severely malnourished children. With just $2,000 The Full Belly Project was able to increase Meds and Food For Kids output for this product. This means that MORE children will live, and will grow to be healthy productive adults.

Read the kinds words we received from Dr. Wolff.

Jan 6, 2022
Dear Full Belly Project,

Just wanted to get you some numbers for the Electric Powered de-sheller. I talked to Dumel today and he tells me that we have quadrupled our output with your fine machine- to about 400 kg per day.

Thanks for all that you do!


Patricia B. Wolff, M.D.
Executive Director
Meds & Food for Kids

***For much of 2008, The Full Belly Project will focus our R&D; efforts on developing easily replicable, inexpensive devices that will allow for organizations all over, to replicate the Meds and Food for Kids RUTF system.***

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